The Water Temple (Mizu no Shinden in Japanese) is a level in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and its remake in the 3DS, it is the main level of Lake Hylia, the third dungeon of Adult Link's side and is overall the sixth dungeon of the game. It became infamous between Zelda fans for its high difficulty.

Why It Sucks

Note: this applies to the N64 and GameCube versions only. The 3DS version made it easier.

  1. Complicated maze-like structure. It's very easy to get lost.
  2. It's often required to lower and raise the water to proceed and to unlock the rooms, it is both tedious and boring.
  3. You need to constantly go to the inventory to equip the Iron Boots which allow Link to walk underwater (Thankfully the 3DS version fixed this by treating the Iron Boots as a useable item with the X, Y, and touch screen buttons).
  4. Dull design and visuals that reek of various tones of gray, littery every single room looks exactly the same.
  5. Link moves very slowly underwater (In the 3DS version he moves at the same speed that he does without the Iron Boots on the ground).
  6. Most of the hook spots are accessible only with the Longshot, which is found in this temple.
  7. Theres this one key that is hidden in an area underneath a room were you rise the water level to lift up a box that covers this room, the problem is, you will not know that unless you play this section a couple of times, tho it was made clearer in the 3DS remake as the camera pins at that area
  8. The Hookshot is the only weapon that you can use underwater, and it does much less damage than the sword or the bow, and it doesn't even kill some enemies like the Blue Tektites, instead it simply stuns them.
  9. Tedious mini-boss battle against Dark Link.
  10. Boring boss battle with Morpha, as it is very easy compared to the rest of the dungeon.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The music is pretty good.
  2. While very few and far between, there are some players who like this dungeon.



  • A youtuber named Speedster has once stated that this level took him over two months to finish, due to that one key as stated in number 7, tho he was able to find it