Volt Kraken is one of the first 4 Mavericks in Mega Man X5, his stage is considered not only a low point in the game, but also a massive difficulty spike.

Why It Sucks

  1. The Stage begins with an absolutely terrible Ride chaser section, in which the stage is filled with barrels and pits, and its also an extremely fast auto scrolling section, it forces you to maneuver in extremely precise ways, since one wrong move can cause you to die by begin crush or falling.
  2. This stage is a rip-off of Jet Stingray's stage from Megaman X4, now granted it is thankfully not the entire stage, but its still rather lazy.
  3. The way the stage beggings is poor, as during the "Ready" Sequence, there is a pit, some Players will think to wait until the "Ready" Sequence is over to play, only to fall right into the bottomless pit due to how X/Zero would have already fall in, unless Players knew that they can control X and/or Zero during the "Ready" Sequence, it is a very cheap move.
  4. To get the piece of the Falcon Armor you need to get 8 orbs to break a door during the ride chaser section which can cause even more deaths.
  5. Unfortunately, this will be an early game stage if Players are going though the weakness chain, as Squid Adler is weak to Duff Mcwhalen's weapon, who in terms is weak to Grizzle Slash's weapon. As Grizzly Slash will mostly likely be the first Maverick that Players will pick (due to both his easy stage and boss fight), this means that Squid Adler will be the third Mavrick to be picked by the Player.
  6. The next section is tedious since you need to use your buster to close 2 switches and open the doors in each room, the problem is that the switches aren't closed forever and will eventually open closing the doors and forcing to close the switch again until you have both closed, what makes this section even more annoying is that this switches sometimes are in awkward places, and physical contact with them causes damage.
  7. The fight with Squid Adler can be annoying since he covers a lot of terrain with his attacks barely giving you space to move, making him the hardest boss to do a "no damage run".
  8. Some enemies are placed in cheap locations.
  9. The weapon X gets, the Tri Thunder, is awful, it consist in shooting 3 thundervolts in 3 directions (straight, up and down) and if they touch a wall, the floor or the ceiling they turn into electricballs and slide, the problem is this attack is really weak, The charge version however is worst since it causes 3 large thunders to strike the ground in succession, the problem is where the thunders strike is completely random, making the weapon useless.
  10. If going for 100% completion, you must go through the stage not once, but twice!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Zero gets a really cool weapon; the E-blade this is basically a thunder version of his upwards slash from X4, this attack is also really useful for the fights agaisnt the Black Devil and Final Sigma W.
  2. Awesome music.
  3. The Tri Thunder is a nice call back to the Thunder Beam used by Megaman in the very first game in the series made for the NES, Megaman.
  4. The rookie hunter mode makes slows down the ride chaser stage