Vladimir Makarov shoots Yuri Blood Brothers MW3

...and you thought Lucien was the unholy king of most hated videogame characters.

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Vladimir Makarov is one of the antagonists of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trilogy, and later on both the main antagonist and final boss of the third and final installment of the trilogy, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. He is widely regarded as one of the most hated characters in gaming history, and his "boss battle" is also infamous for its qualities.

Why He Sucks

Note: Despite being one of the main antagonists, Makarov does not get fought in the first two Modern Warfare games, only in the third and final game of the trilogy, which is what this list will be talking about.

  1. Makarov is nothing but pure, unfiltered evil. He has done so much horrible things throughout the trilogy that it would make guys like Frieza, Lord Brevon, Vay Hek, Darth Sidious and The Joker blush.
    • Remember that nuke from the first game? The one that killed Sgt. Paul Jackson, Lt. Vasquez and countless other American soldiers? Well, in Modern Warfare 3, it's revealed that Makarov was the one who set it off.
    • When Makarov finds out that Joe Allen is an undercover mole, instead of killing him, he takes his team to an airport, shoots hundreds of unarmed Russian people and blames it on the American Government, thus starting a Third World War.
    • Creates a ton of nuclear weapons.
    • Attempts to assassinate the Russian President.
    • Kidnaps the Russian President's daughter and freaking tortures her!
    • HE KILLS SOAP MACTAVISH! One of, if not the, most popular protagonists in the entire Call of Duty series.
  2. Not really a battle, all you do is just chase him down while fighting off hordes of enemies.
  3. The enemies can't kill you, as you have armor.
  4. On that topic, why do they have armor? The title of this game is Modern Warfare 3!
  5. Very few enemies to fight, which is kind of disappointing as this battle is supposed to be the finale of the entire Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Trilogy.
  6. The scenario makes no sense, most noticeable is how the helicopters are used in that role, while it is understanding that Makarov is trying to escape in a helicopter, there are two helicopters, which makes no sense as Makarov only needs one helicopter to escape.
  7. After you shoot down a helicopter, it crashes on Price and Yuri, and shreds their armor. Question: How can armor get shredded?
  8. Makarov never fights you, he just runs away like a coward.
    1. Even Lord Arktivus Brevon, Councilor Vay Hek, Darkrai and Herex, despite the actions they have done, fought the character, even with the help of their minions or vehicles.
  9. Bland quick time-events and button mashing.
  10. After all he did, Makarov's defeat at the hands of the protagonist is majorly unsatisfying, you kill him by dropping through a skylight were he gets hanged by a rope! Even Lucien (as awful as his defeat cutscene is) had a much more satisfying conclusion then this!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Awesome music.
  2. If they decided to continue the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series, at least Makarov won't be there.