The Vitz/Yaris Race is one of many race events in Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec's GT Mode. This particular event appears twice; once in the Beginner's League, and again in the Professional League.

This page will only cover the event in the Professional League, which is notorious for its high difficulty.

Why This Event Sucks

  1. As the name implies, the only cars that are used in this event are two versions of the Toyota Yaris; a common but slow, heavy handling sub-compact car.
  2. The opponents are using modified cars, which you won't realise until you try the event for the first time.
  3. All of the tracks in the championship save for one are technically courses with many sharp turns.
  4. Even using Super Hard Racing Tyres won't alleviate the difficulty since they wear out very quickly.
  5. Includes the infamous Test Course. Combining its 10km length with tediously slow cars make for an extremely boring race.
  6. The cash rewards aren't satisfying. Each race pays out 7,500 credits per win, and an additional 30,000 upon winning the championship. For a total of 67,500 credits max, it is a low payout for a Professional League event.
  7. On the subject of rewards (since it's RNG-based), there is a 25% chance of winning another Toyota Yaris, which will feel like a great big slap in the face.
  8. No amount of modifying your own car will reduce the difficulty by much. The only way to win is through experimenting with numerous setups until you find one that does the job.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Three out of four prize cars are very good, so to get any one of those three cars will provide some degree of satisfaction.
  2. The "Pink Vitz" meme was born thanks to the Let's Player RynoGT4.