Note: This also applies to all True Arenas seen in most Kirby games old and new.

KPR The TRUE Arena

For those about to say Kirby's too easy, we salute you.

The True Arena is a sub-game from Kirby: Planet Robobot, a revamped version of The Arena and the game's final sub-game. This area is infamous for its high difficulty, and is the final barrier for players achieving 100% completion in an otherwise easy game.


This sub-game is a boss rush similar to that of The Arena, where Kirby can pick any abilities and go up against all 2.0 mid-bosses/bosses, with an all new super boss at the very end of the sub-game.

Why It Sucks

  1. You are pitted against every single mid-boss/boss that were fought in this game, and not just regular bosses, but stronger 2.0 versions of them from the second story mode, Meta Knightmare Returns.
  2. Your only choice of regaining health is regular Tomatoes, which grants you little health.
  3. The arena will also give you stickers instead of health to catch you off-guard.
  4. In this sub-game, you fight a completely new boss at the end of the game that's basically the harder version of the final boss from the story mode, Star Dream, which remember, has three phases.
  5. Right after you beat the final boss, this game will give out a twist that reveals a brand new original boss which will catch many players off-guard.
  6. After defeating that boss, it will send out three last-ditch attacks that can take out one entire third of your health!
  7. No check-points in this entire sub-game, which basically means, if you lose, even at the optional boss in the final part of that game, you have to start the entire sub-game all over again!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Great music with a lot of variety as you progress though the sub-game.
  2. This sub-game will grant you a lot of stickers.
  3. If you have Amiibos, you can place them in the 3DS, and not only do you get a power up, but you also regain some of your health, but remember that you can only use that Amiibo once for the entire sub-game.
  4. If you beat this sub-game after acquiring all of the stickers (or acquiring all of the stickers after beating the True Arena either way), you are the rewarded with an all new ability, UFO, so it will be worth it.


  1. The Hammer, Archer and ESP abilities are great for this arena, and for the fallowing reasons.
    1. The Hammer can do high damage and has a move that gives you some invincibility frames.
    2. The Archer ability is great as it has a long range arrow shoot that can do high damage (even more if charged), and can become invincible if using the "clothing" ability.
    3. The Esp ability is a really good offense ability, can teleport and do damage if used at the boss, can do high damage and has a really neat ability that if blocked at the right timing, not only can it make Kirby teleport out of harm, but it can also do high damage.
  2. The bosses are always fought in the same order, so try to learn the attacks of that boss and get prepared for the next incoming boss.
  3. Try to save a regular Tomato in your inventory, and after defeating a boss, you can use that Tomato to recover some of your health.
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