The Shy Bandit is a mechanic in Paper Mario Color Splash. After you leave a level, The Shy Bandit will randomly show up on the world map and go after a level that the player has been to in an attempt to suck all off the color out of the level. To prevent this, the player must get to the level first or intercept the Shy Bandit.

Why this sucks

  1. It can basically take away ALL of the player's hard work in reprinting a level.
  2. The Shy Bandit can show up at a place on the map that Mario is really far away from, thus creating a scenario where the player can't stop him.

Redeeming qualities

  1. The Shy Bandit is easy to defeat in battle.
  2. Successfully blocking him rewards Mario with 300 coins.
  3. Unlike another annoying mechanic in Color Splash, at least the Shy Bandit can be stopped. (Most of the time)