The Phantom is a secret boss in Kingdom Hearts. It is located in Neverland and is widely infamous between Kingdom Hearts fans for its difficulty.

Why It Sucks

  1. The only way to damage The Phantom is by hitting his colored orb-like heart located in the center of him.
  2. Only a few attacks seemingly damage him. This because you need to hit his heart with a specific magic, depending from the heart's color:
    • Red: Fire.
    • Blue: Blizzard.
    • Yellow: Thunder.
    • White: Attack with the Keyblade.
  3. This boss wouldn't be that bad, if its wasn't for this one little problem, that being the presence of a time limit: at the beginning of the battle, Phantom will cast the famous Doom from the Final Fantasy series: a number will appear on your companions' heads that gradually reduces and when it arrives to 0, your companion will die.
  4. When one of your companions is killed by the Doom, it's impossible to heal him because the game assumes that he has been removed from the party.
  5. When Phantom gets near the clock, he will greatly damage you and can instantly kill you if your health is low enough. It's possible to keep him from doing so by casting Stop on the clock's needle when it gets near the former, though.
  6. His standard attack does a huge amount of damage.
  7. Phantom never stops moving around, which, combined with the clunky controls that the original release of Kingdom Hearts had, makes it very hard to land a few hits on it.
  8. This boss can cause so much frustration due to its time limit that fans will ragequit and will look up a guide on how to beat him, as it turns out, you can cast a time spell on the clock and prevent the Doom curse from ether harming you or your allies thought out the rest of the battle, the problem with this is that the game never tells you that, so you wouldn't know that unless you looked it up.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The battle theme "Destiny's Force" is very nice and it's quite fitting to this battle's context.
  2. This boss is optional.
  3. The Final Mix releases of Kingdom Hearts fix the problems with the controls, thus making easier to chase Phantom and hit him.
  4. Phantom's character design is awesome.


  1. Goofy is better than Donald in this situation, since the latter casts the wrong spells at the wrong time.
  2. Every time a character dies for the effect of Doom, Phantom casts the Doom on another character. The order is always the following:
    1. Peter Pan;
    2. Donald/Goofy;
    3. Sora.
  3. Stock up on Ethers and Elixirs, because you'll waste a lot of magic.