The Driver is an optional Malibu Club asset mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which the protagonist Tommy Vercetti does independently.


Tommy's plan to rob El Banco Corrupto Grande is coming up very well, the only thing that they need is a getaway driver. While Ken Rosenberg suggests himself, Phil Cassidy recommends Hillary King who Phil calls "the real deal". However, Hillary has abandonment issues and he won't work for anyone who can't beat him in a race.

Why It Sucks

  1. Hillary plays dirty, he drives a Sabre Turbo (a Chevrolet Chevelle SS) while Tommy gets a Sentinel (BMW E28 5 series, not a M5). Even though Hillary's car is rigged to have a lower top speed than Tommy's, it still possesses superior cornering speed and acceleration. Making it very difficult for you to beat this race.
  2. Soon after the race starts, the VCPD joins in and attempt to shut the race down, the cops put all of their attention on YOU, ignoring Hillary completely.
  3. Due to the game's vehicle spawning engine generating vehicles only within a 100 meters or so radius around Tommy, the game gives Hillary another unfair advantage when the distance between you and Hillary becomes too great: he will have a clear road ahead of him while you still have to dodge traffic cars.
  4. The bridge you have to cross before the finish line is bugged and you may fall straight through it.
  5. This mission, like the previous one, makes absolutely no sense: Hillary is supposed to be the best driver around town and that's the reason Tommy wants him; but if Tommy can beat him in a race, it means that Hillary is NOT the best. By making that nonsensical proposal, Hillary will only end up ruining his reputation by looking incompetent in front of all of his employers.
  6. The worst part is actually in the NEXT mission. When Tommy and his heist crew came blasting out of the bank, instead of waiting in the getaway car like he should, Hillary decided foolishly to get out and "cover them", only to be gunned down by the SWAT in seconds. This makes all the effort put into hiring him completely useless. And then you have to loose the heat yourself!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This mission is optional, however, the reward for completing the heist is too great to reject for most players.
  2. Hillary's Sabre Turbo is bulletproof, explosion proof and fireproof. And there's a way to obtain it.

Tips and Tricks

  1. At the start of the mission, exit your car, then shoot the tires of Hilary's Sabre. This will not fail the mission and Hilary will get stuck on the patch, you will win. This can be easily done using a sub-machine gun or an assault rifle..
  2. You don't need to finish the race in the Sentinel, before the race starts, find a Cheetah (Ferrari TestaRossa), a Hotring Racer (GM G body stock racer unlocked by completing the Sunshine Autos sidequest) or an Infernus (Lamborghini Countach) and park it near the starting point (DON'T PARK IT IN FRONT OF THE CLUB, otherwise it will despawn). Ditch the Sentinel as soon as possible and use the back-up cars, any of the three should win the race with no struggle.
  3. To obtain Hillary's Sabre Turbo, follow this procedure:
    1. Obtain a Rhino Tank, stash it in a garage or park it near the starting point.
    2. Head to the Malibu Club and start the mission.
    3. Ditch the race as soon as it starts, find a way to loose your wanted level (there's a police bribe near by which should help).
    4. Grab the Rhino, find a good spot along the course to ambush Hillary.
    5. Ram Hillary's car to destroy it, this will fail the mission though.
    6. Push the wreck of the Sabre to a personal garage to fix it, be careful not to attract police attention and keep the wreck in camera view, otherwise it may despawn. Also avoid crashing into lamp posts as the wreck may get stuck in it.
    7. Enjoy your new car! Fire a few shots into it to test it if you like.