The Devil is a character in Cuphead who serves as both the main antagonist of the game and the final boss. He is also specified to be the ruler of Inkwell Hell.

Why He Sucks

  1. Before the battle, The Devil will greet the player in a cutscene, and ask him to handle the contracts. However, if done so, not only you skip the fight, but you get the bad ending, as Cuphead and Mugman gets corrupted by The Devil and becomes his minions. Granted that it's not like other action done by other villains such as Lucien, Brevon or Herex, but that's still scary.
    1. This means, that if you want to get the good ending, you have no choice but to fight him.
  2. The Devil has a random pattern of attacks, and will randomly use one of these.
  3. Other than The Devil, you will see also purple devils. If you think that they're part of the background, THINK AGAIN.
  4. Being the final boss, he has a lot of hitpoints. At his first phase, he has 665/735 health, followed by 570/630, 475/525 and 190/210 on his other phases, with a grand total of 1900/2100 of health.
  5. During his second phase and onwards, you have to fight on five platforms. As soon as a new phase begins, the platforms will go down, leaving you with three, and then with one platform, limiting your space. It doesn't help that you have to avoid falling flaming poker chips too.
  6. His fourth phase is an unfair and cheap trick. In fact, other than avoiding the poker chips that falls on the last standing platform, you have to avoid The Devil's tears.
  7. Most of the pink bullets are difficult to dodge.
  8. After the end the serpent transformation, there will be a lingering hit-box in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, hitting the player should he hide in the corner, thus taking a cheap hit from an unknown invisible object.
    1. And don't forget about those purple devils too.
  9. Him and King Dice are the only bosses that can't be accessed on Simple difficulty.
  10. Even if he's the final boss, The Devil on expert mode has only 2100 hitpoints. This is a problem, because Hilda Berg, Djimmi the Great and Cala Maria, three bosses that you fight before the devil, has a grand total of 3000 health on Expert mode, with Dr. Kahl following with 2640 hitpoints. May we remind you that four bosses that you fight before the final boss has more health on an harder difficult than him?

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite his frustrating battle, The Devil is actually a decent character.
  2. His design is good.
  3. His first and second boss's theme are fantastic.
  4. You can easily defeat the first phase.
  5. He can get defeated in under 20 minutes.
  6. Unlike the other bosses, Cuphead and Mugman will have a shocked reaction upon The Devil's boss introduction.
  7. The bad ending is an homage to Contra: Hard Corps's bad ending, where Colonel Bahamut invites the player to join him.