Sonic Adventure 2 Tails Round 2 1080 HD

The Tails/Eggman Second Battle are bosses from Sonic Adventure 2, it is the boss fight against either Tails (in the Dark Side of the Story) or Eggman (in the Hero Side of the Story) and are the seventh and second-to-last bosses of the both the Dark and Hero Side of their respective Story Mode. These battles are widely infamous for their cheap difficulty.

Why They Suck as Bosses

  1. The battles are huge difficulty spikes.
  2. Unlike the previous battle with Tails/Eggman, there are no rings, so you cannot replenish your health if it gets low.
  3. Despite the lack of rings, you opponent (Tails or Eggman) can spam their high special attacks as much as they want.
  4. In the middle of the arena there's a bomb you can use to inflict high damage to your opponent, but it can also cause damage to you.
  5. Tails/Eggman will attack you non-stop like an SNK boss on a surger rush, leaving you very little time to get a hang of the battle.
  6. That freaking Power Laser Attack! It's when your opponent can fire a huge white-and-blue energy beam from the front of their mechs. Not only is this attack hard to avoid and can cause serious damage, but this attack can be spammed, meaning that your opponent can use this attack over and over again!
  7. When playing the Hero Story, Eggman will have the super armor, meaning that he will take less damage from your attacks.
  8. If you thought battling one of them is bad enough, it gets worst as there is a Boss Rush for both the Hero and Dark Story (it's where you re-fight all of the bosses for either the Hero or Dark Side stories), Tails/Eggman are unfortunately one of those battles, and of course, there is boss rush that combines both the Hero and Dark Stories, so not only do you have to deal with this battle not once, but twice! And you must also be aware that if you lose all three of your lives, you have to start the entire Boss Rush all over again!!!
  9. Unfortinitly, there is no easy way to get the hang of this battle.
  10. Wasted potential, this boss battle (more particularly the battle in the Hero Side) was meant to be an act of revenge on Eggman due to him, you know, killing Sonic! Unfortunately this battle was nothing but frustration.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. At least the music is good.
  2. The atmospear is decent, your fighting Tails/Eggman in a space station in the middle of space.