Tabuu stage

Hey, at least its different right?

Tabuu is the hidden true antagonist and the final boss of Super Smash Bros Brawl, his boss fight is infamous for its qualities.

Why He Sucks

  1. Whats probable the most criticized thing about Tabuu is his "presentation" in the story, he littery comes out-of-no-where with little to no build up what so ever. For the entire game, we believed that Bowser (from the Super Mario Bros series), Ganondorf (from the Legend of Zelda series) and Master Hand (the main antagonist of the previous two Smash Bros games) were the main antagonists.
  2. When you first meet Tabuu, he turns all of the playable characters into trophys for no real reason.
  3. Before you can even fight Tabuu, you must traverse through The Great Maze, where not only do you have to fight the bosses, but you also need to defeat ALL of the playable fighter characters, it is both tedious and frustrating.
  4. Tabuu's overall appearance is very bland.
  5. Not only are Tabuu's attacks hard to avoid, but they can also do crazy amounts of damage.
  6. Tabuu will spend most of the battle teleporting, making it hard to land hits on him.
  7. Some of Tabuu's attacks can be strong enough to KO you.
  8. That freaking Off-Wave attack! Not only is this attack hard to avoid, but it can cause massive damage to the player, sometimes even KOing you.
  9. In Intense difficulty, both the Off-Waves and the Yellow Brackets can insta-KO you.
  10. Most of Tabuu's attacks (such as the Eye Lasers) are a rip off of Master Hand's attacks.
  11. The distances from were the save slot is to Tabuu is very far, so when ever you want to re-fight Tabuu, you have to go though a lot of levels in The Great Maze. To matters more infuriating, there are enemies in his path, so good luck tying to get to him with full health.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Epic music.
  2. The arena is pretty cool.
  3. Tabuu has a good variate of attacks.
  4. While executed poorly, it is nice to fight someone different other then Master Hand.
  5. Once you get the pattern down, Tabuu isn't all that hard.
  6. You can play as him in the Super Smash Bros Infinite, and he is fun to play as.