Shao Kahn is the main antagonist and final boss of MK 9, he is also the most infamous boss of the entire franchise.

This page will only cover his boss fight in MK 9 since another was already made about his version in the MK3 series.

Why he sucks

  1. While Shao Kahn is nowhere near as powerful as his previous incarnation, he is still tremendously powerful, being able to deal immense damage with just a couple of hits.
  2. Shao Kahn's AI is brutal, leaving you very little breathing room, or any room at all.
  3. During some of Shao Kahn's attacks, he has super armor. To clarify this, he's immune to most attacks during his wind-up animations.
  4. Shao Kahn's shoulder tackle is much more annoying than in the previous game. He can easily spam it in quick succession, with barely any time to react.
  5. Shao Kahn's projectiles are extremely overpowered, the first being an extremely fast energy lance that can do high damage, the second being his hammer, which not only is it unblockable, but it can also stun you.
  6. In close range, Shao Kahn can use some really damaging punches, kicks or his hammer.
  7. Being the final boss character, Shao Kahn has higher HP than the rest of the cast.
  8. enormous priority
  9. Shao Kahn's X-Ray move can easily take an 60% of your heath (it says 52% but it doesnt count the hammer smash that starts the X Ray)
  10. Shao Kahn appears in many challenges in the tower, most notably the harder ones like the 300 challenge endgame
  11. While Shao Kahn is hard in the arcade mode, in the final fight of the story mode he is an absolute nightmare due to his A.I. being even more brutal than in the other mode, plus you can only fight him using Raiden, who while he too is powerful, is a bit difficult to use due to his high learning curve.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The moments where Shao Kahn taunts are much more useful than in the MK3 series due to the better fighting system of MK9.
  2. Really intense atmosphere.
  3. Awesome music.
  4. You can be much more offensive against Shao Kahn in this game.
  5. at least you now can grab him unlike his old appearances
  6. there are mods for the pc that allow you to use him Kintaro and Goro even do tag matches


  1. There is an easy way to beat Shao Kahn, first, wait for him to throw his hammer, go behind him, uppercut him, rinse and repeat.
  2. Alternatively, you can be as cheap as possible and spam projectiles the entire fight, which is specially useful when playing as sindel and liu kang due to their ability of use low projectiles
  3. The use of characters with teleport abilities like Raiden, Freddy Krueger, Rain, Kung Lao or Cyrax can a also help a lot