Rugal A.K.A. Omega Rugal and God Rugal was the first main antagonist and final boss of the King Of Fighters series and is the one with more appearances in the franshise.

He is also well known for beign extremely cheap in all the games he has been on and for that he has a nasty reputation in fighting games as one of the cheapest bosses in the genre.

Why He sucks

KOF 94 and 94 Reboot

  1. Rugal has a really easy first phase due to him not using special moves, in his second phase however he becomes a beast and starts using all of them.
  2. Rugal possess the infamous reppukken ( the proyectile from geese howard of the fatal fury series) and the Kaise Wave ( Super move from Wolfang Krauser also from Fatal Fury) this attacks are really fast and cover a lot of distance.
  3. Rugal Deals an insane amount of damage with all of his attacks specially his Genocide Cutter that deals over 75% of damage.
  4. Trying to use an jumping attack is not a good option since he alwasys counters them with his Genocide Cutter.
  5. He has athena's reflector so he can sent your proyectiles back to you.

KOF 95

  1. Unlike the first game you fight Saisyu Kusanagi instead of Rugal without his special moves, And while Saisyu isnt that hard, he can still give you problems.
  2. Omega Rugal is exactly like Rugal in KOF 94.

KOF 98 and 98 UM

  1. The O. Rugal is a lot different from his apparition in 95 changing a lot his moveset.
  2. Instead of the Reppuken and the Kaiser Wave, Rugal now has an incredibly cheap move (that is somewhat similar to the Kaiser Wave) tin which he throws and electric ball, however during the charge of attack Rugal summons an electric shield, this shield is nulls proyectiles and causes damage in close range, worse yet he can actually hold the charge and mantain the electric shield, and there are not many moves that can be useful against it.
  3. His genocide cutter is now double ( even if it doesnt deal 75% of damage anymore).
  4. While his supers are easy to block, they deal a ton of damage if thay connect.
  5. In KOF 98 he wasnt that hard but in the upgrade ( Ultimate Match ) His AI became much more brutal.
  6. He still retains the reflector shield.
  7. just like in the previous games he deals insane amounts of damage ( even if is not as high as in KOF 94 and 95.)
  8. He has the strategy of waiting for you to act and counter, he rarely comes after you, he will also use his proyectiles, and if you try to do a jump attack there is a great chance he will use his Genocide cutter.

KOF 2002 and 2002 UM

  1. The damage he deals is a lot higher than in the previous entry almost comparable to KOF 94 And 95.
  2. Gained new moves like series of 4 slash attacks ( fortunately he lost the electric shield).
  3. Retains the same strategy of waiting for you to attack.
  4. 2 of his moves were upgraded, now he can use a 4 hit genocide cutter and his Kaiser wave can now be charged, and can break defenses in the highest charge level.
  5. He is a secret boss in KOF 2002 UM and you only have one shot against him.
  6. worst yet not only his damage is enormous but his defenses are just as huge, supers deal very low damage against him.
  7. Again He retains his reflector shield.

Capcom VS SNK 2

  1. To fight God Rugal you need over 1500 groove points before the second to last match.
  2. God Rugal Now possess Akuma's teleport dash and he uses it constantly.
  3. Deals ridiculous amounts of damage, in 3v3 mode and ratio matches ( to level 1 and 2 characters) he can wipe the floor with your characters in seconds.
  4. Unlike the previous games in which Rugal acted defensively he is extremely agresive here.
  5. While his super move Gigantic presure is easy to dodge his other super move Rugal destruction doesnt need to grab the opponent anymore, now is just a series slashing kicks that deal a lot of damage even while blocked (this change also aplies to regular Rugal who is also playable).
  6. He gained 2 level 3 moves the first is the infamous move of Akuma: Shun Goku Satsu, the second is an close range attack in which he impales your character, then lifts him and attacks him with skull explosion (13 explosions), both of this attacks are instant kills , the worse of the 2 is the explosion attack since he always uses it after blocking you attacks as a surpise counter.

Reediming Qualities

  1. Playing as Rugal can be broken fun and his moveset is easy to use, and he can be used in most of the games he appeared as a boss.
  2. All the themesongs played during the fights with Rugal are amazing.
  3. Rugal is so Broken in KOF 2002 UM that you can beat the Endless mode easily which will grant you access to almost all the unlockable characters of the game.
  4. If you wanna defeat him quickly without so much trouble you can pick any of the 4 boss characters (Igniz, Krizalid, O. Zero and Clone Zero) allowing you to crush him relatively easy