The Pedestrian Riot Glitch (also called the Madd Dogg Glitch) is a game-breaking glitch in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This glitch affects the storyline mission "Madd Dogg" and causes it to become unwinnable, leaving the player unable to progress in the story and obtain 100% completion rate.

How To Activate

The player must activate the "Pedestrian Riot with Golf Clubs" cheat (the code for PC is AJLOJYQY or ROUGHNEIGHBOURHOOD. Playstation 2: Down, Left, Up, Left, R2, R1, L2, L1. Xbox: Down, Left, Up, Left, A, Black, RT, White, LT). Although some players report that a heavy usage of cheats will also cause this glitch to occur, sometimes none at all.


This glitch will cause the mission to become unwinnable, as soon as the opening cutscene ends (or as shown in the picture, just before the cutscene ends), Madd Dogg will immediately jump off the roof and kill himself, leaving the player with no time to fetch the truck and catch him. The cause for this is that the cheat affects Madd Dogg's AI (since he was programmed as a pedestrian rather than an NPC), causing him to become aggressive like every other pedestrian and runs off the roof to attack others.

Why It Sucks

  1. Since Madd Dogg is a storyline mission, the 83th story mission out of 100 in total to be exact, this glitch will cause the ENTIRE GAME to become unwinnable.
  2. Unlike the other Pedestrian Riot cheat in the game (which replicates the Los Santos Riots), this cheat cannot be deactivated. If one saves a game with this cheat on, it will be irreversible.
  3. Even if you managed to deactivate the cheat, as long as this glitch is triggered, it will remain present every time the mission is attempted.
  4. Even with the "slow-mo" cheat or "adrenaline" cheat, the player (CJ) will not able to catch Madd Dogg on time.
  5. The only ways to fix this glitch is to either use a save game editing tool or start a new game. Mercifully, it seems as though it never happens in two new games in a row.
  6. Some players may suffer from this glitch even without using cheats in rare cases.
  7. If the player cheats 500 times or more, this glitch will occur.
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