Parace L'sia

A boss so cheap and powerful, it makes Rugal look like Dan The Man. That's saying something.

Parace L'Sia is the main antagonist and final boss of Arcana Heart 2 and the last boss in Score Attack mode in Arcana Heart 3. Just what you'd expect of an anime fighting game, she suffers from the almighty SNK Boss Syndrome, meaning that she's extremely cheap and she's even regarded as one of the cheapest and hardest bosses in fighting games.

Why she sucks

  1. Parace L'Sia AI is godlike. If you leave yourself exposed for just a frame, she will pummel your ass and she'll block everything you throw at her.
  2. Parace L'Sia sprites aren't that interesting except for... you know.
  3. Just like previous fighting game bosses, Parace L'Sia can do crazy amount of damage and can easily K.O the Player in just a few hits.
  4. See those orbs around Parace L'Sia? Well, she will juggle you with them like it's nothing and to top it all, they deal status ailments to you like poison or REVERSING YOUR CONTROLS.
  5. Parace L'Sia can passively regenerate health during the fight, even while she's comboing you to oblivion.
  6. Parace L'Sia's... freaking... supers. Oh man. She will either deal you a massive amount of damage or seal herself in an amber crystal (which takes some time to break, by the way) while REGENERATING EVEN MORE HEALTH!
  7. You know that Parace L'Sia is hard when the game itself has mercy on you by reducing her starting health with every continue in Arcana Heart 2.
    1. If you think that Arcana Heart 3 will be as merciful, well you're wrong. Because she's part of a chain of trials, not only can you not continue, but you have to do the mode ALL OVER AGAIN!!!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. While the battle with Parace L'Sia is frustrating, at least the music is awesome.
  2. The stage she's fought in is very fitting. And even great!


-Arcana Heart 3- -SCORE ATTACK- -Heart- VS -Parace L'sia-

-Arcana Heart 3- -SCORE ATTACK- -Heart- VS -Parace L'sia-