Orxon is a planet in the 2002 Ratchet and Clank. It is often considered one of the most tedious and annoying levels in the entire game, if not the whole series.

Why it sucks

Clank segment

  1. Clank segments are often tedious as-is. They feel like bare-bone versions of Oddworld games, but nowhere near as interesting due to the emptiness and awkward controls they have.
  2. The level is extremely long and drawn out, with nothing too interesting at any point.
  3. The fireball segment is extremely annoying.
  4. In the last segment of the level, the gadgebots will often target the weak frogs instead of the lobsters, wasting time and risking their lives, which wastes even more time if they die.

Ratchet Segment

  1. Almost no checkpoints throughout the entire level.
  2. The lobsters are the most annoying enemy in the game, due to their high health, hard to avoid attack, and the fact that they attack back if you strike them. The only good way to stop them is to throw your wrench.
  3. If you don't have the Visibomb gun, it's nearly impossible to stop the ships without taking tons of damage.
  4. The beginning of the right path has a jump that's really difficult to make, due to not having enough horizontal mobility if you high-jump.
  5. Several Magneboot parts. The Magneboots are terrible in this game, as they slow you down and make it impossible to jump or use your weapons, making them incredibly tedious.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. This is the first level that you can get the Visibomb gun on. It's a very useful weapon.
  2. Orxon is one of two instances where the Taunter is useful, due to the forcefields damaging the enemies if they touch them. You can coax the enemies into the forcefields to kill them, saving ammo and killing them without hassle.