The Octoshower is a large UFO-like robotic vessle and is the fourth and penultimate boss of Splatoon 2 and in the Octo Expansion DLC, this boss is regarded as the hardest boss in the game.

Why He Sucks as a Boss

  1. The Octoshower is in the air, which can make it hard for short-ranged weapons such as dualies or rollers because they will likely not have enough range to properly hit the Octocopters with them.
  2. The Octoshower posses a wide arsenal of weapons, and will gain new ones on each of the three phases.
    1. In the first phase, the Octoshower will try to snipe at you with powerful ink blasts with a Charger
    2. In the second phase, the Octoshower can now use a Splatling which fires a barrage of ink blasts.
    3. In the third phase, the Octoshower can now use the Sting Ray, which can quickly kill the player and cuts through walls.
  3. Depending where you are, the Octoshower leaves very few openings for you to attack him.
  4. The Octoshower can charge across the arena while showering ink. It will kill you if it hits and depending on where you are, it can be very hard to avoid.
  5. The Octoshower is fast and can easily avoid your attacks depending on which weapon you have. This is especially obvious in the third phase, where the Octocopters that are carrying it become more unpredictable and faster.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The Octoshower is the only boss which stands out from the other bosses, being with a different arena design. 
  2. The Octoshower is nowhere near as frustrating as Inner Agent 3