Night Terror is the hidden final boss of Soul Calibur III, he is the ultimate form of Nightmare and is well known by many fans for his insane difficulty, despite bosses of this franchise being relatively easy.

Why He sucks

  1. Night Terror has Nightmare's moveset, which means he has long range and hits like a truck.
  2. Despite Night Terror's enormous size, he moves and attacks really fast (much faster than regular Nightmare) and can easily ring out you in a matter of seconds.
  3. What probable makes this boss fight even more dangerous is that unlike literally any character in the game (with the exception of the colossus), Night Terror cannot be thrown out of the ring, every time you ring out him he flies back to the arena like nothing happened.
  4. The arena you fight him is small, making you being ring out easy.
  5. While Night Terror shares his moveset with Nightmare, he also has his own attacks based on flying, the first being him flying and shooting you a barrage of energy lasers, this attack can obliterate your health and is hard as hell to dodge, the second is him flying and diving hitting many times, what is worst is that he can use the dive attack as a follow up to the laser barrage.
  6. You have to beat Night Terror three times in the battle.
  7. Reaching him is a pain in the ass, in the mode "Tales of Souls" you must not loose once and you must follow a pretty specific route:
    • First of all, the mode "Tales of Souls" can be really hard, specially if you face opponents like setsuka or Lizardman (who both have an really annoying A.I) and before him you will face Zasalamel again who can also be a pain in the ass.
    • Second, This mode is not linear and it has an enormous amount of possible routes, so finding the correct one is not easy in the slightless, because of this, you'll have to ether look up a guide or look it up on Youtube to know what path to take if you want to fight Night Terror, specially because, if you loose just once, Night Terror will not appear and you have to start over.
  8. You barely get any rewards for beating him, only his stage, which even thats pointless as you can also get by playing 445 matches in the game (all modes count), and the endings don't change.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Night Terror's design is freaking cool.
  2. Awesome music.
  3. His stage looks awesome.
  4. The idea of Nightmare having a ultimate form is a really cool concept.
  5. There is an easier way to fight him by you playing enough matches in total (counting all the modes in the game), this will unlock a mission called "Final Battle" in the Soul Arena, in this mission, you can fight Night Terror directly and lower the difficulty if you want, making it much less painful, this mission can also be unlocked by reaching Night Terror normally.