Motaro is one of the antagonists and the sub boss of Mortal Kombat 3 and its subsecuent revisions, while the bosses of this franchise are really cheap Motaro is one of the most well remembered.

Many fans debate if he is worst than Shao Kahn from the same series.

Why He Sucks

  1. Motaro has brutal A.I and barely leaves you any room to attack.
  2. Motaro reflects any projectiles that is thrown at him without the need to do anything, even the projectiles of Shao Kahn himself are sent back to him when they touch Motaro, dealing all the damage to the player.
  3. Due to Motaro using his back legs and his tail to kick and do leg sweeps, he has a ridiculous range.
  4. Being a boss character, Motaro has high HP.
  5. All of Motaro's attacks deal enormous damage to the point that he can kill you with 4 hits.
  6. Motaro abuses his teleport move specially if the player is blocking from a far distance, in this cases he will use this move to appear behinged the player and use his grab dealing massive damage.
  7. He has an awful Fatality animation, borderline pathetic.

Reediming Qualities

  1. Motaro has a really menacing design.
  2. Motaro is playable in the PS1 version from the start, and he is a broken fun character due to his move set, specially if you reach Shao Kahn an he tries to use his proyectiles, since he will end killing himself due to Motaro's ability to reflect proyectiles
  3. He returned in armageddon and he can be fun to play despite no longer having 4 legs