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And you though Azazel was the king of cheap bosses.

Metal Sonic is the secondary antagonist and the penultimate fighter boss character of Sonic The Fighters, this boss is widely infamous for his cheap unfair difficulty.

Why He Sucks as a Boss in this Game

  1. Metal Sonic's AI is incredibly brutal, meaning that he will attack nonstop.
  2. Some of Metal Sonic's attacks can do crazy amounts of damage.
  3. Most of the time, Metal Sonic will just block your attacks.
  4. Metal Sonic has a wide variety of moves, all of which can be a real pain.
    1. Two Punch Combo: Unlike most of the playable characters, Metal Sonic only has a basic two punch combo, this attack isn't all that dangerous.
      1. Slash Attack: The attack that comes after the two punch combo however is whats dangerous, Metal Sonic can do a quick slash attack at the Player, this attack can literally take out one-third of their health.
    2. Shielding: Like most characters, Metal Sonic can conker up a shield, which blocks most of your attacks.
    3. Seismic Toss: Metal Sonic can grab you, fly high into the air and then will drop you this attack can cause massive damage.
    4. Drop Head Butt: Metal Sonic can jump and headbutt the Player, this attack will sometimes come after the Seismic Toss attack, due to how it will take some time to get up, its most likely that Metal Sonic will cause cheap hits.
    5. Foot Stomp: If a character is flat on the ground, Metal Sonic can stomp his foot on the Player, causing cheap hits.
    6. High Kick: Metal Sonic can kick upright with either his left or right foot, sending the Player high into the air.
    7. Chest Laser: Metal Sonic can fire a white-esque blue colored energy laser from his chest, while that attack is rarely used, not only can this attack come out of nowhere, but it too can also cause massive damage.
    8. Charge Thrust: Metal Sonic can charge head first at the player, this is probably the most infamous part of the battle, as not only can Metal Sonic spam this attack, as well as being both hard to avoid and is also unblockable, but it can too can also take huge chunks of the Players' health.
  5. The arena is cluttered and small, giving you no room to maneuver.
  6. Metal Sonic is incredible fast and can easitly avoid the Player's strikes.
  7. Not only is Metal Sonic's overall battle cheap, but the reward that you can get is what makes things worse, in Sonic The Fighters, you can play as Super Sonic, in order to do so, you must play though the Story Mode as Sonic and not lose a single match against any of the eight characters, Metal Sonic is unfortunately one of those characters, and you must beat him in the first round with out losing once, and then Super Sonic can be playable in the second round against Metal Sonic due to the mentions above, but this be can lead to pure frustration, and if you lose to Metal Sonic once, you can not play as Super Sonic, and must restart back from the beginning of the first match.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Awesome music.
  2. The arena is very cool, your fighting Metal Sonic in a cage high above an abyss.
  3. If you can manage to beat Metal Sonic in the first round with out loseing a round, you can unlock Super Sonic.