Metal Sonic Mania

Metal Sonic is a boss fight in Sonic Mania. He is the second boss fight of Stardust Speedway Zone and is overall the twelfth fight of the game. While the first phase of the fight has been praised by fans for being fun, the second phase has been criticized for being a bit tedious, and the final phase is criticized for being underwhelming. These two phases are what this article will cover.

Why Phase 2 Sucks

  1. You have to make the Silver Sonics that Metal Sonic fires bounce into Metal Sonic, and you have no control over the direction of the Robo-Sonics.
  2. Like the classic Sonic games, you die after 10 minutes.
  3. On top of that, there's more phases after this one, so you have to hurry.
  4. You have to hit Metal Sonic EIGHT times.
  5. Metal Sonic shoots energy balls to keep you from camping in the middle of the stage.
  6. If you get a game over, you have to start the entire stage all over again.

Why Phase 3 Sucks

  1. Metal Sonic has a wall of spikes following behind him, which while they can hurt you, they also keep the rings you drop bundled together. Since you have temporary invincibility whenever you take damage, you can safely run into the wall to get your rings back.
  2. Metal doesn't do much for the fight, essentially allowing you to hit him without worry of dying.
  3. Even with all of the attacks that Metal does use, as stated in point one, You can just pick your rings back up on the spike wall behind Metal.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Awesome music.
  2. The update for Sonic Mania Plus makes these phase much better. For the second phase, instead of having to bounce the mini Silver Sonics back at Metal, you just have to break them which will cause them to release particles guaranteed to hit Metal. Meanwhile the third phase has been completely replaced with metal turning into Metal Sonic Kai, completely doing away with the spike wall.