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The Mega Goomba is a large Goomba who first appears as a boss in New Super Mario Bros. made for the Nintendo DS. He's the main boss of World 4, and is overall the fourth boss fight of the game. This boss has been considered controversial by many fans and critics, and has been critically panned for its qualities. This boss has been considered by players to being one of the laziest ideas of a boss fight in gaming history.

Why It Sucks

  1. This entire boss is EXTREMELY lazy, it's literally just a giant goomba. Give Morpha credit, while it has a lazy design too, at least it has some effort put into it.
    1. In fact the way you battle it is literally the same, except that you must now Ground Pound it three times.
  2. Not only is this idea of a boss beyond stupid, but it is also an ironic idea, as the fourth world of the game is forest-themed. Now here's the question: what the heck does a giant Goomba have to do with a forest???
  3. To even fight him, you have to get the Mini Mushroom, enter the World 2 castle to fight the world boss Mummipokey as Mini Mario, ground pound that boss three times, and then Mini Mario to go inside the narrow spot that leads to world 4. Not only can this task be frustrating (Mini Mario is extremely fragile), but this boss is also a big "F*** You" in the face, if your expecting a really cool boss fight in the fourth world, the forest.
  4. All the Mega Goomba does is just walk left or right in the arena. May we remind you that other bosses at least has a way to attack you? Including the first boss?
  5. This entire boss is boring, all you do is just hit the ? switch to make the pillars rise for you to get on, then use the ground pound, rinse and repeat.
  6. It should be noted that this entire battle expects you to use the switch, but because the introduction of the wall jump, the ? Switch is completely pointless. The reason? Because you can jump high enough after doing a wall jump to reach the top of Mega Goomba, thus making a boss mechanic completely useless.
  7. If you have the Fire Flower, make the platforms rise with the ? Switch and go up one of them, then Mega Goomba becomes a complete and bigger joke as you can spam fireballs toward that boss, without no effort.
  8. Mega Goomba cannot hurt you in the corners, but if you have the Fire Flower, you can hurt him.
  9. This whole boss battle feels more like a mid-boss then a world boss, and considering that Bowser Jr. (which is the mini-boss of that level) putted up more of a challenging fight, that says a lot.
  10. Despite being optional, he is required to be beaten if your going for a 100% gameplay.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Admittedly, using the Fire Flower, getting on to a platform and ambushing Mega Goomba with Fireballs is quite fun.
  2. It's optional to fight him, as World 4 can be unlocked if you defeat Mummipokey as Mini-Mario.
  3. Great music, even tho it shares the same boss track that many of the previous bosses have.
  4. Mega Goomba can be quite challenging when your Mini Mario, as it takes six ground pounds to defeat him.
  5. At first, Mega Goomba has been given a negative feed back by fans, but over the years, it has gain a popular reception, so much that it makes many appearances in many Mario games after words, in addition to that, the Mega Goomba also has improved in its boss battles.