Melissa Berman 5

How could such an interesting villain like MB have such a terrible boss fight?

MB (nicknamed Melissa Bergman) is the main antagonist and final boss (penultimate boss if the boss in the post-game is considered as the true final boss) of Metroid Other M.

Her boss battle is considered to be rather infamous by players, due to its qualities.

Why She Sucks As a Boss

  1. The final battle is a Search Segment.
  2. MB herself doesn't fight, she stand in this one spot and send her Desbrachians to attack you.
  3. Not really a fight, all you do is just stand in this one spot and shoot out the Desbrahians.
  4. Due to how you must stand in this one spot, you must take out all of the Desbrachians in one go, and if you don't, they will ambush you.
  5. Due to how you're in a Search Segment, you can't reload you missiles, so you must be cautious and not run out of them, or else you're pretty much stuck with your Plasma Beam.
    • Speaking of which, is much harder to use the Plasma Cannon, as it cannot stunlock enemies unless charged, despite being a powerful weapon.
  6. What's probably the most infamous part about the battle, is how you win: to beat MB, you must point your crosshair at her and the battle will end. Due to how this game doesn't tell you that, you wouldn't be able to know that, unless you looked it up.
  7. An extremely insulting cutscene after the battle: instead of MB realizing her mistakes and becoming a good guy, she gets shot by the Federation Marines, and to add insult to injury, since Adam and his squad were KIA or missing, the leader tells Samus to leave because she is an outsider (until Anthony Higgs shows up). Not only was this cutscene a massive slap in the face, but it's nothing more than the game landing one final blow on Samus Aran despite all she went though.

Redeeming Qualities.

  1. Nice atmosphere's music.
  2. MB herself is a really interesting antagonist. Such a shame that her battle had to be so anti-climactic.
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