M.P.I.Q.(also known as Mario Party Intelligence Quotient) is a minigame in Mario Party 3.


Players buzz in to answer questions relating to Mario characters or current game play. Getting an answer wrong will result in the player being unable to try the next question. Players need to correctly answer three questions to win.

Why It Sucks

  1. Most of the questions range from being either painfully obvious to downright unfair. Everybody can answer a question asking what color Mario's hat is, but little to no human being would be able to correctly answer how many coins everybody on the board map has gathered in total without guessing.
  2. If playing with Computer players, they are likely to buzz in before the question has fully shown itself and get the correct answer.
  3. The game takes a lot of time to show the question and whenever someone answers it will be hidden, so the AI might not let you even read it.

Redeeming Quality

  1. A quiz minigame would be a fun and interesting game for Mario Party... So long as the questions are fair.
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