Retribution Lucien

And they lived horridly ever after.

Lucien Fairfax is the main antagonist and "final boss" of Fable 2. Ever since the game's release, this "battle" is as controversial and despised as the character himself, both for its horrendous quality and execution, and frequently cited as one of the single worst final bosses in gaming history.

Why He Sucks

  1. Lucien's overall character is rotten to the core. He is a fundamentally arrogant and egotistical pig who caused so much misery for the protagonist/main character/player avatar/you he makes a majority of villains look heroic, all of this, just to bring his own murdered family back from the dead, including:
    1. Killing the main character's older sister at the start of the game and later on killing the main character's entire family (because a prophecy says they could stop him).
    2. Enslaves the protagonist for 15 years (because the protagonist deliberately signed on as a menial worker to infiltrate his operation).
    3. Tries to kill the player twice.
    4. Kills your dog after it takes a bullet for his arch-enemy.
    5. Kidnaps the avatar's friends so that he can perform a ritual (which can only be performed using those specific people) and bring his family back to life.
    6. Plans to destroy the world thinking no one deserves to live if he isn't happy.
    7. He NEVER shuts up about how he is supposedly so much better than the protagonist (not actually true and the irony is stunning).
  2. Perhaps the worst thing about him is that it's more of a scripted sequence than a boss. All you have to do is just pull out a music box to stop his ritual and drain his shield, and then shoot a now-elderly frail Lucien once the shield is drained. You can one-hit-kill him anywhere with anything, including magic or shooting his foot. He'll make a few grunts and fall off to his death down a shaft several miles deep. This is extremely stupid and anti-climatic due to how much build-up Lucien has been given, you'd think there'd be an incredible showdown ahead. Give Jasper Batt Jr, Lord Arktivus Brevon, Lord Vanaduke, Gate and Tails/Eggman credit, as egregious as their battles are, you get to fight them and their defeats are somewhat satisfying.
  3. If you don't shoot him, Reaver will, and will mockingly say "Oh I'm sorry, did you want to kill him?". Problem is, you can't draw a weapon while characters speak before this, so you'd think you'd fight him once he shuts up, only for Reaver to take away your one oppurtunity at sweet, sweet revenge. You wouldn't know this unless you looked it up (spoiling be damned), and if you did, you would know you'd have to restart from the very beginning of the 13+-hour-long game just to get it right.
  4. Remember what we said earlier: This is the very last boss in the game, despite most previous bosses putting up a good challenge, including the very first one! Even if the game isn't so combat-focused, that doesn't excuse this lame battle/sequence.
  5. Much like Jasper, some fans defend this battle, as in theory, this boss was meant to show that without powers, Lucien is simply just a normal man. Here's the thing: the game is built up around this revenge plot against this disgusting piece of work. Naturally, you'd believe seeing him suffer for all the crap he did after a monumental final fight would make for a triumphant finale only to go out in a single hit after gaining his powers. Therefore, it's a moronic excuse used by apologists to project their own headcanons into the game itself.
  6. As if he wasn't baffling enough, the first game pits you against an awesome-looking dragon with a great variety of attacks as the final boss, then you duel this selfish old manchild with nothing to defend himself in this sequel. Wow.
  7. Bland music and atmosphere.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Lucien does somewhat suffer (albeit barely) after being shot.
  2. The way his dialogue cuts off after being shot is kind of funny.
  3. At least, he isn't as bad as a certain antagonist from Modern Warfare 3, which is... good?


  1. If Reaver just so happens to kill Lucien, restart the game immediately, as you will restart to an area before "facing" him again that way.
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