Lorithia: The great queen of cheap unfair bosses.

Lorithia is one of the antagonists and bosses of Xenoblade Chronicles, she is one of the two last bosses before the final boss, Lorithia has been widely controversial by many Players alike, and has been widely hated due to her extremely hard and frustrating battle.

Why She Sucks

  1. Lorithia's overall character.
  2. Before the battle, you are greeted by one of the most infamous and most infuriating cut-scenes in the game, not only is it reviled that Lorithia has turn Melia's brother, Kallian, into a Telethis, but before the battle even begins, she kisses Kallian in the lips right in front of Melia, which, like Sonic 06, creates bestiality in a game that (while not total made for kids) was made for younger audiences.
  3. Lorithia is a massive difficulty spike as almost all of her attacks can do high damage and are hard to avoid, granted she is one of the last three bosses of the game, but that is still a bit too much.
  4. Though out the entire battle, Lorithia will consistently shout out "You'll pay for your insolence!" non stop, and she never shuts up, she never... SHUTS... UP!!!
  5. Before the battle even beggings, Lorithia will summon four Novas to aid her in battle which can give her a 100% Physics Resistance, meaning that only Ether attack can do damage unless you destroy up to three Novas she summons, which are also weak to Ether.
  6. While a tie between Riki and Fiora have some good Ether Arts, Melia has the best and strongest Ether Arts, but unfortunately, she is the weakest in terms of deference (unless you geared her up properly) and her Ether Attacks are more awkward to use.
  7. Lorithia has four different attacks, all of them that are a real pain.
    1. Ether Laser: Lorithia can fire a green energy laser from her face, not only can this attack do crazy amounts of damage, but it can also send you flying.
    2. Obliterate: Lorithia can swipe at you with her wing-like hands, which can take a good chunk of your health.
    3. Big Bang VI: Lorithia can spin around, this attack can harm anyone around her and (much like the Ether Laser) can also send you flying.
    4. Explosion: Lorithia can conker a small explosion from in front of herself, which (much like the Ether Laser and the Big Bang VI) can also send you flying.
  8. Not only can her attacks do high damage, but depending on the attack that she uses, they can also cause states effects that can hinder you and/or an ally in battle.
    1. Ether Defense Down: From her Ether Laser, this effect can decrease your Ether Resistance, this is made worst due to the fact that the Novas she summons can use powerful Ether attacks.
    2. Arts Seal: Also from her Ether Laser, it can prevent a character from using Art attacks, so if it hits Melia, she is pretty much screwed until it wears off.
    3. Topple: From her Obliterate, this effect can causes the character to fall down and removes the enemies' resistance to daze.
    4. Confuse: From both her Big Bang VI and Explosions, this attack can cause your allies to attack randomly.
  9. The Noves themselfs are also very annoying, as not only can they can do high Ether damage, but they can also inflect annoying status elements, while they have basic ones like sleep or paralyzes, they have the two most infamous ones, one of which being that they can sometimes KO you and/or party, or lower your defense, and considering that Lorithia hits like a monster truck, that makes it worst.
  10. Atho you can defeat all four Novas, its pointless as Lorithia will just summon more of them, so your best bet is to just defeat three of them.
  11. Altho you can use De-buths on Lorithia to lower her defenses and attack, she can remove any type of De-buths you have done to her.
  12. The arena is surrounded by a pool of Ether (which is the green stuff around the arena), meaning that if you or an ally make contact with it, not only will it do continue damage, but it can also slow your movement.
  13. Sometimes, your ally will just stand in the Ether Pool as they pefer attacking Lorithia over escaping the Ether Pool, even the command doesn't always work.
  14. Lorithia is very large compare to the very small arena, meaning that she can push you into to the pool of Ether. This is made even worst as three of Lorithia's attacks (as stated in a segment in #7) can send the Player flying.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Lorithia's appearance is pretty cool.
  2. Awesome music.
  3. The cut-scene after the battle is heart warming.
  4. Lorithia's defeated cut-scene is insanely satisfying.
  5. If you get up to level 80, it is a lot easier to wipe the floor with her