Lingering Will (also known as Terra) is a character from the Kingdom Hearts franchise and is the optional superboss in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. He is found at Disney Castle after finishing the main game. This battle is actually a fight pitting Sora against Terra, one of the protagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

He is regarded by fans as the hardest boss in Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix as well as one of the hardest bosses in the series.

Why He Sucks

  1. Lingering Will/Terra can do crazy amounts of damage and can easily kill you in a few hits, especially if you don't have the abilities Second Chance and Once More.
  2. Lingering Will/Terra has a crapton of health, he has 16 bars of health, which is the same as Sephiroth.
  3. His attacks can easily stunlock you in place and, worst of all, he is immune to all kinds of damage while he's attacking.
  4. Linger Will/Terra will often summon sytilight light-like drones that will fire energy lasers at you.
  5. Sometimes Linger Will/Terra will zoom super fast and ambush you with hard hitting charges.
  6. One of his attacks blocks you from using the "Attack", "Magic", and "Items" commands, which means that if you're hit by this attack you won't be able to attack effectively or heal yourself.
  7. During the battle, similarly to Xemnas, he'll often attract you towards him and will lock your commands and it'll cause you damage over time. To unlock the commands you need to select the "Free" option, which continuously moves. Select the wrong option and you'll instantly die, regardless of how much health you have or if you have Second Chance and Once More.
  8. If the Anti-Form activates during the battle, if you haven't mastered it, you'll be in a lot of trouble, since the Anti-Form can't parry attacks and moves faster, despite his attacks do a lot of damage and his combo is longer than normal.
  9. The final phase is easily the worst. During this phase, Terra will be almost impossible to hit, he'll use his strongest attack (which, if you don't run away from, it'll easily stunlock you and bring you to 1 HP), he'll jump on his Keyblade Glider and ram you and will shoot some bullets and disappear for a bit of time.
  10. To add salt to the wound, you NEED to beat Terra in order to complete the "Characters" and "Relationships" of the Journal, and thus to obtain 100% Completion.
  11. The only reward that Terra gives you for beating him is the Manifest Illusion, which, despite being an useful material, can be also be crafted by melding a Tranquil Crystal and a Tranquil Stone, thus making this battle nearly pointless.
  12. Terra uses his strongest Shotlock command from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, which, if you don't parry it, will do you a great amount of damage.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Epic music (Rage Awakened, which has been reused in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep for Terra's final battle)
  2. Will's design is awesome.
  3. If you manage to beat it, you get the Manifest Illusion, which can be used to craft some of the best items in the game.
  4. If you happen to have the Fenrir Keyblade (which you get by defeating Sephiroth, so it isn't as easy as it seems), you can spam Negative Combo to leave LIngering Will/Terra helpless


  1. When the battle starts, parry his attack or roll away. If you time it right, you should find yourself behind him when he becomes vulnerable.
  2. When he locks the "Attack" command, wait until he uses his Shotlock attack (Ultima Cannon), and parry it. It should reflect the attack at him and do a good amount of damage.
  3. When he becomes vulnerable, use Donald' s Limit attacks to damage him, then get close to him and attack him continuously. This should stunlock him in place and allow you to do some damage.