Lil Oldman is a NPC in Toontown Online which shut down and currently it's rewritten version Toontown Rewritten. His ToonTask [ quest ] is the last one a Toon will have to complete in The Brrrgh and complete to receive their final gag track, and it is notorious for being lengthy and difficult.

Why It Sucks

  1. As mentioned above, his ToonTasks take forever to complete.
  2. Also mentioned above, they are very difficult.
  3. In one of the last tasks you have to beat TWENTY level 4 or up Cog Buildings, this will take forever. Also the buldings are rare.
  4. You have to fish for his Talking Toad 2 times, and it is very hard to catch the toad and you may wind up using all of your Jellybeans if you don't have a lot.


  • On April 1st 2018, an update stated that the difficulty of Lil Oldman's ToonTasks was increased at the community's request, then stated the difficulty of Lil Oldman's ToonTasks was decreased at the community's request. This turned out to be an April Fools Joke.