Jinpachi Mishima is the main antagonist and final boss of all versions of Tekken 5, he is know for beign extremely cheap and brutal, being only surpassed by Azazel in Tekken 6.

Why He Sucks

  1. Jinpachi hits like a truck, being able to take almost all of the Player's HP in just one attack.
  2. Despite his large size, Jinpachi moves relatively fast and can easily avoid the Player's strikes.
  3. Jinpachi has unblockable attacks which includes a Penetrator Punch.
  4. Jinpachi has many attacks that let you stun and/or open to anything, leavening him to get free cheap hits on the Player.
  5. Jinpachi has attacks that cannot be blocked, forcing the Player to side step fast.
  6. Jinpachi possess really powerful attacks that consist in launching a fireball from his stomach, this attack deals enormous amounts of damage and is unblockable, worst yet is that he can sometimes throw 2 fireballs in rapid succession, also he can use this attack as a trick by suddenly backing away and throwing the fireball.
  7. Jinpachi can also charge and shoot a projectile that deals like 80% of damage.
  8. Jinpachi's A.I is brutal as he will combo you every chance he gets, and due to his ridiculously powerful attacks he can basically end you in the matter of seconds.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Jinpachi's theme called "the finalizer" is great.
  2. Jinpachi's stage looks great.
  3. Jinpachi's demon form looks badass.
  4. Jinpachi himself is a likeable character.
  5. Playing as Jinpachi is pure broken fun since he has a decent size moveset.
  6. Jinpachi comes back in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 as a playable character from the start, and despite being nerfed he is still quite strong.
  7. Jinpachi has a pretty funny cutscene with Paul before the fight.