Infinity Mijinion is one of the 8 main Mavericks in Mega Man X6 and is located in the Weapon Center stage. Like many stages in Mega Man X6, it has terrible design and Infinity Mijinion is a bad boss fight. Defeating Infinity Mijinion will give X the Ray Arrow and Zero the Rekkoha, his Giga Attack.

Why They Suck

  1. The level design is so lazy, one can treat it as basically a straight line with lots of projectile spam. Players are forced to deal with the giant Mechaniloid with laser eyes in the background, drones, two mini-bosses, bird enemies, etc.
  2. In one of the mini-boss fights, there are Nightmares within the same area. If you don't kill the Nightmares before killing the mini-boss, the player is forced to stand still while the Nightmares are allowed to hover over the player's exact position.
  3. Terrible item placement. If you enter the alternate pathway and head left, you will find a Heart Tank placed next to the Buster parts for the Blade Armor. There is also a rope section with lots of Nighmares and rescuable Reploids floating in midair over a bottomless pit.
  4. If you attempt to save the Reploids in the rope section as Zero, you cannot use the dive move he gets from Ground Scaravich or else you will fall without any way to cancel the attack. Because the input for the dive slash is the same one you use to grab a rope, the game will likely prioritize the former and make you fall into a hole.
  5. Infinity Mijinion is a mindless projectile spammer whose weakness, Guard Shell, cannot be used effectively unless you play as Zero and perform a glitch involving the Guard Shell and dash canceled Z-Saber combos.
  6. If you went to Blaze Heatnix's stage before this, you have to avoid random fireballs in addition to all of the aforementioned hazards.
  7. If you have beaten Metal Shark Player's stage prior to this one, you have to avoid metal blocks that deal damage if they land on you. They can be destroyed with his weapon/ability, though.
  8. Beating this stage will dim the lights in Commander Yammark's stage and Rainy Turtloid's stage. Because these stages have cheaply placed spikes and acid rain that saps HP, respectively, the darkness will make it painful to navigate these dangerous sections.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. When you beat this boss, Zero receives Rekkoha, one of the strongest Giga Attacks in the series.
  2. The theme song is excellent and has similar instrumentation to The Final Countdown by Europe, and is one of the game's best songs.
  3. Wasted potential, the idea of a stage were you battle hords of enemies while being ambushed by a giant robot that can shoot eye lasers was a really neat idea, it really does gives out a final battle-type level that could have maybe worked in Sigma's stage.