Ground Scaravich is one of the 8 main Mavericks in Mega Man X6, located in the Central Museum stage.

This stage is one of the best examples of the game's awful level design.

Why They Suck

  1. The stage is divided into two sections that the player goes back and forth from: The museum's main area itself and various rooms.
    • The Main Area is rather dull and very easy to get through. The only obstacle aside from the Totem Gates is a small spike section just before the Boss room.
    • The rooms are where most of the stage takes place in, containing all the obstacles and enemies. The worst part about them is that the 4 rooms the player must go through are randomly chosen from a predetermined selection. These rooms also contain the Armor part, a Heart Tank, the Alternate Route, and various injured Reploids. This means that to fully beat the stage, multiple playthroughs will be required.
  2. The rooms themselves are poorly designed, made worse by them being full of Nightmare enemies. This makes rescuing the Reploids extremely difficult, since the layout can sometimes make it hard for the player to reach a Reploid in time, since a killed Reploid is permanently gone from the game save.
  3. To enter each room, you must touch a holographic Totem Gate in the Main Area. After getting to the end of each room, you must destroy a robot called Totem Exit, which will send you back to the Main Area. Returning to where the hologram was, you will now find an active Totem Head. This enemy is not exactly difficult, but it is still annoying, as it consists of 4 heads that shoot at you and can turn away to avoid damage, plus a bird head that chases you.
  4. The boss fight with Ground Scaravich is insultingly easy., since he has only 3 attacks ( shooting a fire ball, rolling giant boulders of many sizes, and throwing said boulders.)
  5. While the weapon that X gets is decent, the ability that Zero gets (a ground-dash attack that has to be activated in midair) is awful and most of the time will cause him to take damage, or even die instantly in stages with bottomless pits or spikes. This is especially noticeable when fighting Blaze Heatnix and Sigma's final form (The bosses that are weak to Ground Scaravich's weapon) because using this ability can often cause Zero to take damage from the environment or the boss itself. The only advantage is that he is immune to damage while in midair.

Redeeming Quality

  1. Stage's Music is awesome.