Gradius Syndrome, or power up syndrome, is a parody trope used in mostly shmups (or shoot 'em 'ups) to describe the player's abilities and actions. For instance, if you collected all the power ups, the game actually becomes more easier, but IF you die,  you LOSE all of your power ups, and the game now feels harder. This can also be in other shmups other than Konami also.

List of Games that suffer from the Gradius Syndrome (So Far)

  • Gradius (Konami)
  • R-Type (Irem)
  • Thunder Cross (Konami)
  • Thunder Force (Maniac Mode) (Technosoft)
  • Lightning Fighters/Trigon (Konami)
  • Xexex (Konami)
  • Abadox (Natsume)
  • Air Gallet (Gazelle)
  • Armed Police Unit Gallop (Irem)
  • Heavy Unit (Kaneko)
  • Air Buster: Trouble Specialty Unit (Kaneko)