Goodman is the hidden true antagonist and final boss of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, he is not only the hardest boss of the game, but he is arguably the cheapest boss SNK has ever created.

Why He Sucks

  1. Getting to fight Goodman is a pain in the ass in the PS2 version in which the arcade version is basically a survival mode with a time limit, to get to Goodman you need to have over 8 wins, 6 D assaults that connect, no bonuses (that you get after defeating an opponent in a match), and your average health must be over 50%, fortunately in the Xbox 360 version you only need the 6 D Assaults and no continues before reaching him.
  2. If you think reaching Goodman is hard, well fighting him is even worst, his style involves using his flaming whip, which does high damage, however what you might not notice at the start is that everytime Goodman uses his whip, a gorilla made of purple flames that accompanies him will also attack, the gorilla has 3 attacks depending of the way Goodman uses his whip, these attacks are; a short forward jump in the shape of a fireball, turning himself into pillars of fire, and jumping really high to fall over you. These attacks are really annoying as it can cause cheap hits, but the worst part is that Goodman doesn't need to wait for the gorilla to comeback to him and can start another attack with the gorilla basically everywhere and everytime he wants, because of this he basically spams the entire match attacks with the gorilla, making getting near to Goodman a nightmare.
  3. Worst yet, this leads to times in which the gorilla attacks you from outside the screen, you receiving an attack from behind, and worst interrupting you while doing a super, there are ways to interrupt the attacks of the gorilla, but they are not very clear.
  4. Godman's A.I is incredible burtal, as he will attack you non-stop.
  5. Attacking Goodman from a distance by spamming projectiles is useless since he can use a reflector move (pretty similar to the ones of Rugal and Athena), however this one not only can return projectiles, cause damage to you and knocking you back if you are near him, but this one can also reflect Null Projectile based supers, if you use a long distance super and he puts the reflector, it will not even touch him.
  6. What Players should take a note on is Goodman's health bar, in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, you can have up to two characters in Story Mode, during a battle when you return a character, the red part of their health bar after being damage will slowly refill up, but due to how Goodman (excluding the gorilla) does not have a partner unlike most characters, the red part of his health bar will actually regenerate back up if he takes damage from the Player, and faster as well, this means that Goodman will take very little damage from the Players' attacks, even Iori's super attack (which is often considered by fans as one of the strongest supers in the game) does very little damage to Goodman (this aplies to the other 3 bosses of the game)
  7. While Goodman only has only one super attack, its still quite dangerous as it makes him turn purple and makes him even more stronger.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Awesome boss music.
  2. The final cut-scene after the battle is pretty emotional.
  3. Goodman himself is an interesting antagonist.
  4. As long as you hit continue, you can rematch Goodman as many times as you want until you desited to rage quit.


BOSS RAGE- Goodman (NeoGeo Battle Coliseum)

BOSS RAGE- Goodman (NeoGeo Battle Coliseum)