Goenitz is the main antagonist and final boss of King Of Fighters 96, he also appeared as a boss and secret character in both King Of Fighters 98 UM and SVC Chaos Capcom vs SNK.

While he isnt as infamous as Rugal, he is still well known as a cheap boss specially due to his tendency to spam.

Why he Sucks

KOF 96

  1. Goentiz, like most bosses of the KOF franchise, deals enormous amounts of damage.
  2. Goentiz is particulary infamous for his special move Yonokaze (in which he creates a slasher tornado in four different distances from him), and using it to prevent you for getting close to him, worst yet he spams this move constanly during the fight and if you get hit by the tornado, not only can it do damage, but it will also send you backwards, making the fight incredibly frustrating.
  3. Other annoying special move is one where he creates 3 slashes in close range, this attack deals several hits, causes a lot of damage and can be used as an anti air move.
  4. Goentiz has a teleport move.
  5. Geontiz has 2 supers, one is a grab with a tornado and the other is a rush attack like iori's Maiden Masher or Ryo's Ryuko Ranbu both deal a lot of damage, but the worst part is despite he charging the super bar he doesnt need meter to use any of his supers and can use them when he feels like


  1. Geonitz retains all of his moves.
  2. Somehow the damage that Geonitz deals got increased from KOF 96.
  3. While his supers are no longer infinite, he got two new special moves one is a triple slash combo, the second is an slash move folowed by a grab and a tornado attack, making him much more dangerous at close distance.

SVC Chaos

  1. While he is a lot weaker than in the previous games, he still retains all his moves and his extremely cheap tactic of spamming tornados
  2. He is not only one of the 6 midbosses of the game, he is also one of the 2 default midbosses (the other is Dan Hibiki) which is a terrible idea since he is an extremely cheap character and can easily annoy the player (specially for beginners since the worst you do the more probable is that Goenitz will be the Midboss) even worst ruining the chances of the player to get to the true final bosses who are extremely hard to get to.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Playing as him in KOF 96 and 98 UM can be broken fun.
  2. He can be unlocked in SVC Chaos, KOF 98 UM and KOF 2002 UM fortunately in the last one he only appears in the endless mode.
  3. His theme "Trash Head" is one of the best in the series.