Geese Howard, a.k.a. Geese-Kai, is the main antagonist and final boss of KOF Neowave, based on his younger self in Art of Fighting 2 as that game's secret true final boss. Unlike the average KOF boss, he stands out not on the basis of being super cheap, but for his atrocious AI which is crappy even by SNK standards.

Why He Sucks

  1. Geese is ludicrously overpowered being able to kill your character really fast.
  2. Awful programming susceptible to multiple exploits. By spamming long-ranged projectiles, he'll try playing footsies, but fall for your trick every time until he dies. Another is that he uses Buzzsaw for no apparent reason, leaving himself open to attacks. Those are just a few examples.
  3. Abysmal theme song. It sounds like jazz put on fast-forward with sped-up hip-hop samples dubbing over it.
  4. Absurdly nerfed playable version to the point of not being fun to play as.
  5. Horrendous voice acting. It's Geese's SVC Chaos voice clips pitched higher to make him sound "younger", but sounds more like a pubescent smoker than anything else. Regular Geese is in his 40s & his younger self is 26. How lazy is that!?


Artificial Stupidity- Geese Howard (KOF Neowave)

Artificial Stupidity- Geese Howard (KOF Neowave)

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