Geese Howard is the main antagonist and final boss of the not very popular KoF Neowave, However he isn't remarkable for his cheapness ( unlike most bosses of the series ) as he is for his atrocious A.I.

Why He Sucks

  1. Geese is ridiculously overpowered beign able to kill your character really fast.
  2. Many times, he will punch the air for no reason which shows how awful the programming is.
  3. He is susceptible to many exploits, one of them is extremely easy to do since it only consists in spamming long range projectiles, due to the awful programming he will start using a close range attack that is useless against projectiles and you can do this until he dies. However this isn't the only exploit that can be use against him.
  4. His theme song is abysmal.
  5. The playable version of Geese absolutely sucks since all of his moves are nerfed massively.


Artificial Stupidity- Geese Howard (KOF Neowave)

Artificial Stupidity- Geese Howard (KOF Neowave)