Forgotten Planet is a level in Sigma Star Saga. It's the fifth planet you can visit, and it's the haunted level. Here, Recker needs to find Psyme's three sisters, and after that, find out about the planet "speaking to them".

The level is infamous for a certain bug, and other bad qualities.

Why it Sucks

  1. As mentioned, there's a bug that can cause your game to be unwinnable, forcing you to restart. It involves killing a specific enemy that appears during random encounters.
  2. You have to find Psyme's sisters. However, they aren't marked on your map, and you have to find them on your own.
  3. Enemies in the random encounter are unpleasant to fight.
  4. Every random battle encounters are on very narrow areas, which can be annoying for a big ship. And keep in mind, you're given a random ship during each one of the encounter.
  5. During the boss level, there's a speed section during narrow corridors, which can actually cause you to take cheap damage.
    • The enemy appearing doesn't help either.
  6. The minibosses are annoying too:
    1. The first one is a weird alien thing that can shoot bullets every 10 hits it takes. The infamous part about this miniboss is that touching it will tear a third or half of your health, even at higher levels.
    2. The second one is a corrupted Krill fighter that can mirror your movements and crash into the walls. However, crashing the miniboss into the walls will damage your ship as well.
  7. The boss has lots of health, and unless you have better upgrades, it will become a chore.
  8. After defeating the boss, you're given three minutes to escape the planet.
  9. When trying to save, time will still tick.
  10. During the escape sequence, a constant undead fog will be there, which can block your view.
  11. The Warp Tool you obtain is only used to get the remaining Gun Data that are behind fences, and serves no other purpose, making it useless once all Gun Datas are collected.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The music is alright, despite being shared with the caves one.
  2. At least you can find the Trio Counter, which can count every enemy as three.
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