Gill is the main antagonist and the final boss of Street Fighter 3 and all it's editions, is one if not the infamous boss in fighting game history due to his insane difficulty.

Why He Sucks

  1. Gill has insane A.I. countering, blocking and parrying everything even in the lowest difficulty.
  2. Gill has an enormous priority, which means that his moves will land much more often.
  3. Gill deals ridiculous amounts of damage with his normals and specials let alone his supers
  4. Gill's fire and/or iceballs can go through your projectiles and can only be cancelled with EX projectiles.
  5. Gill cheats! With most characters, they have three different supers that they can use in battle. However, they can only pick one at a time. Gill however can use all THREE supers at once.
  6. Gill's three supers are incridible brutal, dealing brutal damage (over 60%).
    1. Meteor Storm: Gill's first super is called Meteor Storm. It's where Gill creates a storm of his ice and fire projectiles that rain down on you. Fortunately, if you are close to him you can hit him and interrupt the attack.
    2. Seraphic Wing: However, Gill's second super, called Seraphic Wing, is far worst since it covers the entire screen and cannot be interrupted or parried. Plus, it deals a lot of chip damage.
    3. Resurrection: Gill's last super is the worst and most infamous of them all! It's called RESURRECTION! And it automatically activates if Gill is defeated while having a full super art meter, he will be restored TO FULL HEALTH! this move can be interrupted. But it's hard to do it since when Gill gets up, he pushes you backwards.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Gill's theme song is great.
  2. Gill's attacks are pretty cool to look at.
  3. Gill's difficulty does lower down the more you lose to him.
  4. Playing as Gill can be a guilty pleasure due to how broken he is.
  5. Thankfully, he was banned in the tournaments.