Final Bison is the main antagonist and final boss of Street Fighter Alpha 3, he is considered to be one of, if not the, most powerful incarnations of M. Bison in Street Fighter history.

Why He Sucks

  1. Final Bison has an extremely cheap AI, he basically blocks everything like a complete coward.
  2. Final Bison has extremely overpowered supers, especially the Final Psycho Crusher, in which he charges at the Player in a blue aurora, which deals over 85% of damage.
  3. You've only got one opportunity to defeat Final Bison. If you lose, you don't get to continue!
  4. If you get defeated by Final Bison, you get an unskippable bad ending! Which is extreme infuriating!, (this doesnt aply to the dreamcast version)
  5. Final Bison can easily counter you. It doesn't help that Bison is a charge based character.
  6. Final Bison abuses his teleport and jump dive attacks.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Final Bison is playable in many versions of the game as a hidden character, and he is broken fun due to his move-sets.
  2. Besides Final Bison's ridiculously powerful supers, he is actually quite a balanced character. Most of his cheapness is due to his A.I.
  3. Final Bison's theme, "Brave or Grave", is amazing.
  4. Final Bison's stage looks cool.