Dusty Dune Galaxy is a level from Super Mario Galaxy, this level is located in the Bedroom.

While not a bad level by any means, it is often considered by many to be one of the most tedious and boring levels in the game.

Why It Sucks

  1. Cheap enemy placements.
  2. This level has Dry Bones, which can only be stunned for a short period of time after being hit on the head.
  3. There's an area were you must find all five Star Chips in a tower, which can be quite annoying as there are Dry Bones all over the area.
  4. The Purple Coin missions are incredibly frustrating due to how they're placed, and the area is also very wide, making it easy to lose track of where the coins are. As with all Purple Coin missions, if you lose, you have to start the entire mission all over again.
  5. Being a desert level, it is filled with quicksand, which can suck you in, causing an instant death.
  6. This level makes it look like you can get out of the quicksand as you can still move while in it, but you actually can't, which is nothing more then the game delivering a middle finger to the player.
    1. To add insult to injury, in Super Mario 64, there is a type of quicksand that you slowly sink in still move like in Dusty Dune Galaxy, but you can get out by mashing the A button, so fans will probably try to do the same, and will most likely get frustrated when they find out that it's impossible.
  7. There are tornadoes with spike balls for arms that can very easily knock you into the quicksand due to where they are.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Some missions can be fun.
  2. Interesting layout.
  3. Nice music.


  1. You can avoid the tornadoes with the spike balls by crouching.