Double Boost (W. (ダブル) ブースト W. (Daburu) Būsuto?), also known as the W. Boost, is a move that appears in Sonic Forces. It is a collaboration technique between Sonic the Hedgehog and the Avatar where they combine their strength to perform an augmented Boost.

Why It Sucks

  1. It's very on-rail. Seriously, you can set the controller down and let Sonic and the Avatar go about the boost!
  2. Asides from enemies, there's no hazard to avoid.
  3. It can only be used at specific points, making it feel underused.
  4. You need to perform a QTE first before engaging in the Double Boost. Given how QTEs are handled in Sonic Forces, the only good thing you'll get is just points.
    • To clarify this, even if you fail the QTE, there's no bad outcome.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The lyrics of Fist Bump will play if you get a success in the QTE, so if you like the song, it might worth a bit of your time.
  2. It became an infamous meme on Youtube.
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