Cyber Akuma is the main antagonist and final boss of Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter, as his name applies, it is the cyborg form of the antagonist of the Street Fighter franchise, Akuma, he is arguably one of the hardest versions of Akuma ever made.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is extremely powerful dealing twice as much damage as regular Akuma.
  2. He moves also much faster than Akuma allowing him to get close and go back constantly, specially by abusing his teleport dash.
  3. he has a new move; a rocket punch attack which he uses after spamming hadoukens.
  4. Speaking of hadoukens, he can now throw 2 in the air, and they are bigger too.
  5. His supers devastate your health bar.
  6. His infamous super move Shun Goku Satsu was upgraded to a new move Shinning Gou Shock, while both moves look the same the later deals over 80% damage and since he uses it later in the fight is pretty much an instant kill, worst yet he only needs one super bar to use it.
  7. In the PS1 version, due to the limitations, you only have one character to face him making him even worst than in the arcade version.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You can play as him in the PS1 version and he isn't nerfed in the slightless.
  2. Cyber Akuma has a cool theme.