Chapter 13: Redemption is the second-to-last Chapter of Final Fantasy XV. It soon became a controversial level in the Final Fantasy series, as well as unanimously the most hated part of the game.

Why it Sucks

Note: This article is focusing on the earlier versions of FF XV.

  1. You're forced to go though this level alone, despite this game being built around you know, working together.
  2. At the beginning, all of your weapons are taken away, leaving you with only the Ring of the Lucii, that while effective at killing enemies, it basically makes you a sitting duck when you use it.
    • The Ring can quickly drain all of your MP, meaning that you must wait until it recharges.
  3. Later on in the level you do get The Sword of the Father as your hand held weapon, but it has a very nasty side effect, as it drains your health with every single strike.
  4. The fallen tower of Niflheim is rather generic, and tedious to explore.
  5. Repetitive visual and level design, consisting of many long and cramped industrial hallways.
  6. Horrible stealth sections. It doesn't help that the "Hide" prompt is mapped to the Jump button.
  7. Mediocre save points that only be used via rest points.
  8. Though out the game there are these enemies that will jump at you, creating some sort of Jump Scare, it gets annoying fast and the worst part is, its repeated six times.
  9. Imperial Axemen keep coming non-stop during the stealth sections.
  10. When you get a key card, get key cards, grind for another one again 4 FRIGGING times.
  11. Several plot elements are just thrown in and then either forgotten about or not explored at all.
  12. Hope you love this level, because it goes on for three hours!
  13. Towards the end of the level there is an annoying boss fight.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The day before Episode Gladious ( the first episode DLC, which was good) came out, an update addressed the level. This included making the Ring of the Lucii notably more powerful, as well as adding a "Verse 2" that fleshes out the story.
  2. Decent lighting effects.
  3. Nice music.
  4. Interesting plot twist.
  5. The end of this chapter is engaging.
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