Note: This article is solely based on Big The Cat's fight with this boss.

After all you went through, all you get is a pathetically easy boss fight?

Chaos 6 is one of the antagonists and bosses of Sonic Adventure, he is the fifth and penultimate boss of Sonic's Story, the third and final boss in Knuckles' Story and the first and final boss in Big's Story. While the battles against Chaos 6 from Sonic and Knuckles' story had been praised for being fun and challenging, the battle with Chaos 6 involving Big however has been infamous for the complete opposite reason.

Why He Sucks as a Boss

  1. You play as Big The Cat, who has been disliked by many fans due to his play-style.
  2. Chaos 6 never attacks you, all he does is just walk around the arena doing absolutely nothing, though he will jump, but that is very rare.
  3. To beat Chaos 6, you only need to fish out Froggy (Big The Cat's friend) and the battle will end.
  4. Due to how easy this battle is, you can end the battle in less then 7 seconds.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. Due to how Big's overall game-play is bland and boring (Or sometimes frustrating,) it is quite satisfying to end the battle in a matter of seconds.