Burn Rooster is one of the 8 Mavericks in Mega Man x8,his stage(Inferno) mainly uses auto-scrolling sections

Why They Suck

  1. This Stage uses 2 really annoying downwards auto-scrolling sections. In this sections is really easy to take damage thanks to flying enemies, exploding boxes, lasers, and the scrolling itself (which is really fast). Worse yet is that whilst trying to dodge all of this, there is a good chance of screwing up a jump while descending and dying by falling outside the screen.
  2. In between both auto-scrolling sections there is a long hallway filled with the lovely INSTANT DEATH SPIKES, forcing you to do really precise jumps.
  3. After defeating Burn Rooster (which is a decent fight) the stage gives you one last kick in the balls by forcing you to do an even more annoying upwards auto-scrolling section. Here you have to climb the platforms and escape from the lava. To make it even worse, the platforms fall after touching them, making it even more irritating.
  4. Burn Rooster's weapons are pretty useless; X gets a fire wave that is extremely slow and has a short vertical range, whereas Zero gets a crappy ripoff of his downward fire stab from X5 that is really hard to use without getting contact damage. Axl gets a short range fire-thrower that is worthless compared to the rest of Axl's arsenal due to its short range and slow start.

Redeeming qualities

  1. The weapons are effective against Bamboo Pandemonium, making him burn and try to fan himself in reaction. Enkoujin/Enkoukyaku and a fully-charged Melt Creeper deal some great damage.
  2. Speaking of a fully-charged Melt Creeper, it's useful against enemies stationed on the ground. And it travels in both directions, so that's a plus.
  3. Burn Rooster's fight is decent