When the Boost Guardian boss fight is so hard that the develepors had to decrease the difficlty in both the New Played Control! and the Metroid Prime Triogy made for the Wii, you know you're in trouble.

The Boost Guardian is a boss from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, it is a Warrior Ing that posses the Boost Ball ability, it is the first boss of Misty Bog, the third main world of the game, the third Guardian boss and overall, the sixth (seventh if counting the Dark Missile Trooper) boss fight of the game, this boss notorious for its extreme high difficulty.

Why It Sucks

Note: This page will only talk about the battle with the Boost Guardian in the Gamecube version of Metroid Prime 2:Echoes, as the difficulty has been tone down in both the New Played Control! Metroid Prime 2: Echoes for the Wii and in the Metroid Prime Trilogy that was also made on the Wii.

  1. The Boost Guardian is a high difficlty spike as you will most likey have very little Energy Tanks.
  2. The Boost Guardian can do a crap tone of damage.
  3. No Light Crystals and/or Beacons in the boss arena, so you will be taking constant damage for out the entire fight.
  4. Most of the Boost Guardian's attacks are hard to avoid.
  5. The boss arena is very small and cluttered, leaving you very little room to maneuver.
  6. Sometimes, when the Boost Guardian goes into its puddle form, it will summon Inglets to aid it in battle.
  7. Health recovery is very scarcest, the only way to gain health pick ups is by ether waiting until the Boost Guardian destroys one of the four pillars in the arena or by destroying the Inglets.
  8. That freaking Boost Ball attack! This attack involves the Boost Guardian transforming into its Boost Ball most and zooming all over the arena, this is probable the most infamous part of the battle as not only can the Boost Guardian spam this attack, but it can also do crazy amounts of damage.

Redeeming Quality

  1. The Boost Guardian's design is really cool, even tho it does share the same body-type with the previous boss, that being the Jump Guardian.
  2. If you manage to beat the Boost Guardian, you get the Boost Ball ability, so at least the boss battle will be worth it.
  3. The difficulty of the Boost Guardian has been drastically torn down in both the New Play Control! Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and the Metroid Prime Trilogy made for the Wii.