Boolossus is a boss fight in Luigi's Mansion, it is a giant Boo that is a combanation of 15 Boos and is the third and penultimate boss fight of the game. This fight is infamous for its difficult and tedious nature.

Why it sucks

  1. Instead of just vacuuming him up, you have to lure him into a unicorn statue, which actually isn't too hard to do, but then he turns into 15 smaller Boos that you have to freeze and then vacuum up to defeat him, which wouldn't be so bad IF THE BOOS DIDN'T MOVE EVERYWHERE!
  2. The time frame for catching the Boos is pretty short.
  3. The Boos can go to places where you can't get to them, such as outside of the arena where you battle it.
  4. As you vacuum up the Boos, Boolossus gets smaller and faster.
  5. Despite Booossus' negative reputation, they rehashed this fight for the sequel.
  6. Both the Boolossus and the Boos can do a lot of damage.
  7. The final Boo is a huge pain in the butt as it is fast making it hard to freeze and will attack you if your not aware, the worst part is, its a coward, as soon as you fire your Ice Blast, it will run away like a complete chicken.
  8. Much lik the preveious bosses, if you lose to Boolossus, you have to start the battle all over again, and watch the un-skippible cutscene all over again.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You get 15 Boos after beating him, which is pretty useful when going for 100%.
  2. The statues will always provide you with the ice element, so running out isn't a problem.
  3. At least it's better than the Shrewd Possessor fight in the sequel.
  4. Very atmospearic music.
  5. The idea of a giant Boo boss made entire out of regular size Boos is actually quite creative, in fact, there is a similar boss fight in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
  6. Funny and cute cutscene before the battle.