• Danetheheroofworlds

    Okay, I told it many, many times. I love Kingdom Hearts. One of the series' most known aspects is its great number of superbosses and secret boss battles. However, some of these battles are all but fun, and they're just tedious instead. Today, I will tell what I think about the bosses I have fought and beaten. This list applies mostly to KH 2 and Birth By Sleep, since they're the two games in the series that I played the most and I couldn't beat all the KH 1 superbosses since I lost my save file. As such, I won't cover all the secret bosses in the series.

    By the way, let us start.

    1. Phantom (Kingdom Hearts 1)

    Okay. I can understand a boss design like Phantom's. But it was ruined by everything. The entire fight is built around patience and strik…

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