• Dragon Fire24QLSH

    Rance series immediately other eroticgame without explanation, and sometimes it is easy to cause divergence

    Most otome game dating sim Visual novel game sometimes block wiki, especially erotic type​

    Lost or completely unreleased games. Seriously. I think this is also an unwelcome opinion in some places, although these games will also block

    BootlegGame​ no

    Not sure: 


    Girls' Frontline

    Azur Lane 

    Touhou Unpopular Opinion​

    Helltaker Unpopular Opinion​

    Most fangame and rom hacks I know that this wiki has some hack fangame, but can it really have some restrictions? (Of course, erotic fan game can not be allowed at all)​

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  • HyperThunderNinja64


    March 12, 2020 by HyperThunderNinja64

    My upcoming pages that are work in process. Feel free if you want to support.

    Million Gunman is the 9th assassin in No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle. His appearance is a somewhat tall and skinny old man with gray hair, wearing a gray suit with a bit of red. He and Shinobu fight each other in the Santa Destroy Bank. His main weapon is a golden handgun. Along with Jasper Batt Jr. and New Destoryman This considered one of despised bosses in the series.

    Mizuki Rashojin (羅将神 ミヅキ, Rashōjin Midzuki), with Rashōjin roughly translating as "The Marauding Deity", is the final boss in Samurai Shodown II. She is one of the earliest female final bosses in fighting games, and also the first and only boss of the series to have assistance from a pet. Her p…

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  • Danetheheroofworlds

    I made a list of things we could add to the wiki, if someone is familiar with one or more of these, feel free to add them or make edits where it's due (Note: The list may expand with time)

    Demi-Fiend (Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga)

    Lucifer (Devil Survivor)

    Strega Group (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3)

    Elizabeth (Persona 3)

    Anti-Sora (Kingdom Hearts 2)

    The Threat Of Silence (Fire Emblem Awakening)

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  • Danetheheroofworlds

    Okay, I told it many, many times. I love Kingdom Hearts. One of the series' most known aspects is its great number of superbosses and secret boss battles. However, some of these battles are all but fun, and they're just tedious instead. Today, I will tell what I think about the bosses I have fought and beaten. This list applies mostly to KH 2 and Birth By Sleep, since they're the two games in the series that I played the most and I couldn't beat all the KH 1 superbosses since I lost my save file. As such, I won't cover all the secret bosses in the series.

    By the way, let us start.

    1. Phantom (Kingdom Hearts 1)

    Okay. I can understand a boss design like Phantom's. But it was ruined by everything. The entire fight is built around patience and strik…

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