Blight Town

Blighttown is a level found in Dark Souls; a poisonous and treacherous place full of many dangers and traps, which make it one of the hardest levels in the game.

Why it sucks

  1. The whole area consists of descending vertical wooden platforms, from which you can be knocked off easily, thus falling into your death
  2. Also, the whole area is very dark, which makes exploration a chore
  3. The area is brimming with poison inflicting enemies, worst of all is a status ailment known as toxic, a far more aggressive variant of the poison status, which depletes your health very quickly
  4. The whole area is very long and will surely test your patience and determination
  5. Many player simply give up at this point due to the sheer duifficulty of this area
  6. At the bottom of the level there is a swamp which hinders your footsteps and makes you walk extremely slow, which can be very annoying
  7. Also, staying far too long inside the swamp will poison you
  8. Many annoying enemies such as zombies which shoot you darts that will inflict toxic status upon you, they snipe form afar and are hard to detect. Another bothersome foe are aggressive mosquitos which are hard to kill due to their tiny size and fire breathing dogs, which can KO you with their higly damaging fire breath