Blaze Heatnix is one of the 8 main Mavericks of Mega Man X6, and he is located in the Magma Area stage. The game is infamous for its poor level design and bosses, and this level is one of the biggest examples.

Why it Sucks

  1. Almost the entire level consists in fighting 5 donut looking mini-bosses (called Nightmare Snakes for some reason). To defeat them you must destroy all four green spheres on them.
  2. If you follow the alternate route to rescue reploids or fight Zero/High Max/Dynamo, you fight 6 of these things instead of 5.
  3. The parts where you don't fight the mini-bosses aren't very interesting.
  4. Cheap enemy placements.
  5. The mini-bosses get progressively more annoying. While the first 3 are manageable enough, the fourth fight is extremely annoying since it takes place in an auto-scrolling upwards section. There is also purple magma and the mini boss advances hidden in the magma. You can only attack it when it jumps out. This makes hitting its lower weakpoints a pain.
  6. During one of those mini-boss fights, there is a rescuable reploid (his name is Tatsuya on the rescue list) that will appear out of nowhere near a Nightmare Virus and the player has less than a second to save him before he is infected. Since 99% of the players will lose him, 99% of the players must restart the level from the beginning in order to have saved all the rescuable reploids.
    • To add injury, the only reward for saving him is a health refill the moment the player gets him.
  7. After reaching the end you fight Heatnix himself, and he is stupidely easy to beat.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. While the level is awful and really frustrating, the game gives you many checkpoints and basically infinite lifes.
  2. The weapons that you get from Blaze Heatnix are really useful.
  3. The stage's music is one of the best songs in the whole game.