Auto scrolling

Auto scrolling sections are a type of levels mostly found in 2D platform games, in which the screen advances independently of the movement of the character

Why they suck

  1. This sections take away the freedom of movement of the player
  2. They force you to go to a specific pace, you cannot go slower or faster
  3. is incredibly easy to die, since in this sections since the screen pushes you foward and if you get stuck in some obstacle you will be crushed and die, also makes easier for you to fall into botomless pits
  4. Makes getting collectables and finding secrets harder due to the player getting pushed along by the screen.

Some examples

  • Shovel Knight, some stages have this sections, like in Propeller Knight Stage
  • Super Mario series: Games like SMB3, SMW and SMW2 have many of this sections (an example would be the infamous level "Poochy aint stupid")
  • Sonic series: while they are nowhere as frequent as in Super mario, there are still some, for example the final battle with the Super Robotnic mech is an auto scrolling section which you can easily fall and die. Sonic Lost World also has that one stage where you jump on 360 platforms while being chased by a furry Pac-Man.
  • Lego Star Wars only has one auto-scrolling flying stage (Battle over Coruscant), which allegedly remains as the easiest stage in Lego video games to 100%.
  • Kirby Games also feature at least one in every 2d game
  • Donkey Kong Country has some auto scrolling sections, one in the second game is infamous for a glitch that can damage the game irreparably
  • Mega Man has some notably awful ones, more notably, in the stages of Metal shark player, Gate Lab 1, Burn Rooster, Frostman, Willy Stage 1 (Megaman 8) , Tenguman (Mega Man and Bass) Squid Adler, also some fights like with Hannyaned2 from Megaman 7, King's Jet in Megaman and Bass and Tidal Whale
  • In Super Smash Bros Brawl, the subspace emissary has many of them
  • Castlevania 3 Dracula's curse has an horrible section where the stage goes up constantly